The company "Gaudenzi Giuseppe e Figlio" was established in 1962 and its main activity was the production of wooden containers for fruit and vegetables.

In the early '70s the company focuses on the production of wooden industrial containers and plywood, to supply the needs of an always evolving market.

Thanks to an idea by Gaudenzi Matteo (co-founder) the production gets improved in 1976 buying an English machine for the production of foldable boxes.

In 1981 the company turns into the actual "Gaudenzi Imballaggi s.n.c." by Gaudenzi Matteo & C.

Since 2007 our company owns the FITOK certificate, allowing us to produce containers that can travel all over the world.

Thanks to the selection of high quality raw materials, to the professionality of our employees, to the well-timed services and mostly thanks to the costant relation with some of our customers, Gaudenzi Imballaggi has succeeded obtaining a good position into the market and has achieved continuity of its production.